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How to get your very own Butler

Okay so now what? We have explained what your online search leaves behind and why your family downstairs may or may not be able to see what google search you did to determine what to buy them for their last-minute birthday gift. Maybe they can even figure out that you did in fact NOT cook the homemade dinner you declared and rather, ordered it… like we said, your morning coffee may not be so private. Now we are going to paint a new picture… the Mazzzing picture. We’re going to explain the private butler… sounds awesome right, someone to deliver your request to your fingertips effortlessly, Mazzzing’s got it and we want you to have it. We all need a private butler in our lives…

Imagine this:

“Good day, Miss/Sir”

“May I prepare a private computer session for you? “

“May I suggest searching the Business Section or the Entertainment Section for your enjoyment?”

Welcome to Mazzzing Inc, a place that is truly private and safe for you, your family, and your office. A service that handles all your online needs with the utmost respect and honor of course, just as a butler would. Mazzzing will never share your adventures, purchases, discussion with anyone, no matter what the cost or offer may be.

For Mazzzing, it’s a little more complex, let’s call in your new “Online Butler” and see how we are more than Anti-Virus, VPN, or an I.T. Department. We begin the first step,

You - 1:00:00 pm

Opens a laptop, login and types “” into search browser.

Butler - 1:00:01 pm

“Yes My Honor, How may I Assist?”

You - 1:00:02 pm

“I’d like to go see a website, that I am unsure of, it may not be safe for my computer? Its:

Butler - 1:00:04 pm

“Absolutely, I’ll check that out for you immediately”

Mazzzing Inc. - 1:00:05 pm

  • Checks your bandwidth – let’s find a Datacenter, with best speeds.

  • We found our U.S. East Coast Server is the best for you

  • Let’s grab your profile

  • Create a session:

    • Video Encryption

    • Launch Virtual Environment

    • Microsoft Apps

    • Antivirus

    • Malware Protection


OK, your session is ready, lets show you!

Butler - 1:00:08 pm

“My Honor, your desktop is ready on your laptop as requested, is there anything else I may assist with?”

You - 1:00:09 pm

“That was perfect Butler! I will take it from here”

In less than 10 seconds, you are able to connect to the internet on almost any connected device, any device that has internet or data. From a gaming console, smart TV, all the way to your mobile cellular device, Mazzzing will be your “Privacy Butler”.

Your device will “NEVER” receive anything but a video signal, just like “Netflix”. Once you finished watching a movie, your device has no files, no history, nothing stored locally on your device.

The concept is this, when you first log on you are using someone else’s computer or to be more specific, Mazzzing’s Computers/Servers, accompanied by our “Butler” who searches and delivers your requests with the utmost secrecy and security.

You are now connected to US first and using our Apps, on our computers, with all the cookies and files downloading to our environment while you see just a streaming image. The streaming image, always changes and never leaves a history on your device.

And there is more, as we continue the journey through this maze of technology and privacy needs, we see that Mazzzing decided to change the game of who is in control while giving it back to you!

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