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Cluo Notebook Launch Zoomed
USA Location

From $4.99/month

All Windows 7+ Devices now available

One Place
One Account
On Any Connected Device

From $4.99/month

All the apps feel and behave the same as your MS Windows computer. 
Stay Secured at home or on the road.

No matter what device you are using, Cluo is private and simple to use. By connecting through Cluo to the Mazzzing DataCenters, you are accessing the best in Enterprise I.T. Security. You are protected without the need for upgrades or the know of how to keep you safe and private. 

Mazzzing stores your data without the need to sell or share with others. Your experience is truly yours to keep. 


Cluo for Windows 7+

Your Privacy in your Control

From $4.99/month


No matter the device, we have you secured. 

If your device can browse the internet, Cluo will work for you. Our App is expanding everyday to be available on any connected device, from a TV browser to your home desktop, Cluo is becoming more accessible on more devices than ever before.

Windows 7+ Devices

Most Device Browsers


Our Shtick! on HDMI Devices

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