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No Vacation is too long, but...

They say good things take time, and oh boy is that true! Mazzzing here, back for a Monday blog. It’s been some time, we know. But we have been working aimlessly in the background to bring forth some awesome things, well some of us have.

While the team here at Mazzzing has been buckling down and working hard - I recently returned from a one-month Europe get away. I had the opportunity to explore various countries, see breathtaking historic roman ruins, cruise through the Adriatic Sea, venture through old abandon castles, eat endless amounts of croissants, gelato and delicious foods and really spend some much-needed R&R time on a beach. While it was awesome – reality is back. Almost all of us know what it is like returning to work after 1 sick day, bombarded with work and no clue what day or time it is, where to pick up, where we left off even, things are crazy. Imagine being gone for thirty whole days. The challenge was real. While jumping back into the swing of things and trying to catch up, there was so many amazing new things the team accomplished which is what this blog will take us through today!

So imagine this, heading out for a weekend on the town and coming back Sunday evening, walking into your bedroom and what once was an old box spring on the ground with your college mattress sitting on top and mix and match furniture you took from your old roommates, is gone…. All the sudden you have this show stopping bedroom, one that you would see in a furniture store in some high-end mall, you know the beds with the sheets folded over, 17 pillows and a quilt on top, that. I mean your old room was totally functionable, it was clean, well-organized, served all its purposes, but it was old. That is exactly what I walked back into.

While we were never broken, or mismatched, we had an old look, we weren’t exactly, show stopping. Our technology was like no other and our servers functioned properly and performed exceptionally, however in the tech world we know there is always room for upgrades, and that was exactly what was needed, and done. Our load speeds were drastically altered, and our video playback quality was insanely improved, like any other online HD streaming service. We went from an application launching speed of about 10 seconds to now between 3-5 seconds.

Some other improvements the team has made include adopting new customer support tools right in the application, auto launch capabilities, our client now even automatically directs you to the best available server the moment you launch allowing optimal streaming capabilities. Currently our client is windows exclusive, it operates with full functionality on windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. The main focus in implementing all these new changes and rebuilding our client for an optimal user experience, was to really focus on the simplicity, creating tools that really left no questions regarding how, why, what or any hesitation.

These are only some of the changes that have been made, I mean we don’t want to totally let the cat out of the bag before our launch but what I can lastly tell you is that an entire new look, feel, and user experience is here. The whole idea of constantly running your business as a start-up means you are constantly working toward new innovative ideas, nothing is ever good enough. You are always listening and hearing what the people want and adapting. You constantly work as team to change things and make them better; you work to achieve things that once seemed impossible. That is what our team does best. We have totally rebranded, we are back and better, with a new client name and all new capabilities. Our official launch announcement is soon to come, and we guarantee this to be something you won’t want to miss.

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