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Your True Privacy

     Mazzzing Inc. has created your private PC, Tablet and

Smart Phone space, whether you shop, watch, write or play, it is privately yours and only yours. 

     From your history to even your location, no one will ever know what you did or are doing! 

      Use your device knowing you are secured and absolutely private. No virus concerns and no history will be left behind on your device.

The Basics of What We Do...

     A "Virtual Desktop" is a place in the cloud that you access through an app or browser that works like your pc. This Virtual Desktop does not download or send anything but Video, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch commands. 

     No Cookies, History, Downloads or anything else will ever touch your device. No need for VPN, Antivirus or anything else on your device, its like your TV!  We provide this Cloud Space for you to have absolute security and privacy.

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