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Window's Private and Secured Desktop

Cluo Notebook Launch.png

Windows 7 and up client for Desktop, Laptops and Tablets.

Simple and Easy to Install

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Windows 7+


No History or Downloads
on your device


No Updates to manage for your security and privacy

Access World Wide Servers

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Auto Launch with 1 click from your desktop

One connection

To a cloud desktop

All the privacy

All the security

On almost any device

Privacy that you deserve

Cluo Notebook Launch Zoomed

Cluo Notebook Launch Zoomed

Cluo Countries

Cluo Countries

France Location

France Location

USA 1 Location

USA 1 Location

Singapore Location

Singapore Location

USA 2 Location

USA 2 Location

Cluo provides you access to one of our many desktops around the world. This means your device will never have downloads, history, cookies, malware, or viruses. Your device is a just like a TV screen, receiving video with privacy. Cluo Windows* Client, lets you access world-wide portals to browse sites and shop in other regions that you may not geographically have access to. Content has no restrictions here. Cluo still provides added true security for you, without self management and need of a computer science degree. 



Keeping you private anywhere.

Pre-Order From $79.99

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