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Private Desktops by maZZZing

Secured and Private

Peace And Secured on Any Connected Device
Device Essentials

The Device Essentials 

Every time we pick up our phones or use our laptops, we must make a conscience effort to maintain our security and privacy. Understanding the foundation of secure browsing is not always easy. We want to make your life simpler. 


What if you had access to rent someone else’s device that is secured and managed by experts… What if you did not have to think twice when using your devices… would this interest you? 


Mazzzing supplies you that platform, always secure and always private. That simple and that easy. Our App works as a video stream like your TV. 


Mazzzing guarantees to not resell your data, history or information. 

Private Desktop

Choose Your Platform

Windows 7+ Devices

Most Device Browsers


Our Shtick! on HDMI Devices

      Cluo connects on many platforms, giving you privacy at any time. Connect to your private desktop quickly through most browsers or use the Cluo app on most MS Windows devices. While travelling or even at home, use the Shtick! device that will turn any TV or monitor into a powerful, secured and private PC Desktop.


Cluo for Windows 7+

Your Privacy in your Control

From $4.99/month

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