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Inspiring the Next Generation

To Inspire, To Learn and To Experience

One Backpack at a time

Backpack is a program created by Mazzzing that aims to inspire young students, focusing on providing real life experiences. Backpack encourages creativity in youth both near and far because as they learn, so do we. We can continuously pivot, develop and grow to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our customers. The students help to keep our minds fresh with ideas and inspirations.


Mazzzing works side by side with students who are ambitious, goal driven and have the willingness to learn. We remove the challenge of the tough business world. We teach them how to integrate their creativity into the business world and help to give them guidance and continuous support that they need. 

Students from everywhere can participate by sharing thoughts, experiences, tech knowledge or even art and designs that can help, improve, and secure the on-line experience. The possibilities are limitless. 

Grow Your Vision

Backpack works with schools to create unique roles for every candidate. We work with both the teachers and students directly to understand how we can aid in helping them learn and grow. We create one-of-a-kind roles that will best fit their strengths and interests along with the company’s needs, and onboard them as co-op participants.

It all starts with providing them a backpack filled with all the utensils they will need to thrive in their new placement, whether it be a backpack full of art supplies or a backpack full of books and electronic designs kits, we give them it all! They will enter this role feeling prepared and confident.

Today the youth of our communities are our partners, tomorrow they will be our leaders. Providing them access to leadership and professional growth opportunities will help them acquire meaningful career practises.

Gravel Road into the Forest

Meet the Team

Ethan Robinson

Hi, my name is Ethan Robinson, I am an 18-year-old student who is interested in software coding and software/hardware creation. I want to share a bit of my story in hope of showing other kids the opportunities that are available to them. 

Firstly, a bit about myself, my hobbies and passions are video games, the outdoors, fishing, and animals. I enjoy spending time with my friends, my family, all the normal teenage kid things. 


While I enjoy your typical teenage kid things I come from a bit of a story, a not so normal teenage kid background. It started when Covid hit I saw school as an option and if I closed my laptop school didn't exist, so I fell very far behind. May last year I decided it was time to start trying to catch up. It was not going


too well, I still wasn't going in all the time and was doing my work barely mediocre at most. Fast forward to November last year, life hit me like a truck when the worst thing that could have happened, did. My mom passed away. She was a single mom raising myself and my 13-year-old sister. I had no choice, I had to get my life together, for her, for my sister and for myself. My life had changed in a split second.


I started working my absolute hardest in school, I sat with my teachers and guidance counselors, I tried to really figure out what I needed to graduate. I found out that I could do co-op to help get me the extra boost I needed to catch up. I spoke with the co-op teacher and talked with some family members and made myself a real plan. I started working with the Mazzzing team and created a proper schedule that would put me on track to have time for school, work and of course still have some time for fun. I have now been with Mazzzing for about three months, and it has honestly been great. 

Michael Cash

My name is Michael Cash. I am an 18 year old student who has an interest in the future of technology. Some of my passions are the outdoors, camping, fishing and enjoying the beauties of the wilderness along with learning about animal species and ways of living. Being given and working at this opportunity, I hope to be able to teach the youth the same thing that I learn here with Mazzzing. 


Along my journey in the workforce I've been lost in many different career path choices. I started with working on farms, even tried working as a cook and I thought these career paths would be my future but I could never find a true passion in these jobs. When I started to learn about the technological field I felt a different kind of interest in the work I'm learning. It feels like the kind of passion that will lead me to a long career here with an amazing team of Mazzzing. 


Get Involved

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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