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Inspiring the Next Generation

Where athlete meets the students!

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Welcome to GenZ, a world of opportunity, ambition and success, where today’s youth is tomorrow’s doctors, sports stars and teachers. This program, developed by MaZZZing, creates an environment that provides all the tools needed to promote growth and development, all available at the tip of your fingers… literally. GenZ gives the youth of today, the confidence, support and environment to achieve their biggest dreams. Ones which many of us were told were impossible when we were once that age. Bringing a new meaning to becoming the person you want, GenZ is doing exactly that! Here is where growth blossom’s and opportunity arises. This will be the first time they can believe in turning their dreams into their reality. 


GenZ is a program developed by MaZZZing with an extreme focus on empowering the youth and allowing them to shape their own future. This program show’s today’s youth just how capable they are, we show them real life proof and provide them the encouragement and support they need to promote and develop confidence and inspiration. GenZ allows for a world where the next generation knows nothing but feeling worthy, rewarded and overall capable of whatever their goals are. A world where there is no such thing as an unattainable dream, rather only goals and steps towards them.

The Big Picture

All children should have access to the same opportunities, the same chances and the same experiences, no one less no one greater. Opportunities where the possibilities are endless.  GenZ understands the extraneous factors which can be detrimental to a child’s success and development, and we want to take matters into our own hands! We developed programs such as GenZ to create equal opportunity for children to become the people that they want to be. GenZ aims to instil motivation and encouragement in these children in hopes they pay it forward for the next generation. From veterinarians to travel agents, whatever your dreams are, can and will be possible through GenZ.


GenZ Spotlight

WSC 09 OPDL Girls

MaZZZing and GenZ have chosen to bring this empowerment into light through sponsorships towards a local youth soccer team. Woodbridge Soccer Club is an honorable association within Ontario Soccer. The 2009 Girl’s OPDL program includes 18 female soccer players with goals of playing the game they love at the highest level. Demonstrating immense levels of dedication and commitment, these player’s train over 5 days a week all while balancing their educational goals of excelling in the classroom as well. Thus far in their summer season they are standing within the top 4 out of 11 teams in the east division and in 4th across 21 teams across the province. To add credit where it is due, 5 active roster players were identified as Team Ontario prospects for trials earlier this year.

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It is important to note the lack of opportunity existent within women’s soccer across the globe. This is not to say there has not been progres, however there is much work to be done. Many female athletes are at a disadvantage when it comes to exposure and development due to lack of support, finances and projected plans for change. MaZZZing took the lack of opportunity personally, and allowed for GenZ to select this team as our first spotlight. 


 Founded in 1976, WSC has established a program with youth development which attracts players from everywhere in the GTA. They have brought home multiple Ontario Cup Championship’s across their multiple age groups and gender divisions, as well as had an admirable amount of University, as well as professional players who graduated from their youth development program.


Current Team News 

The WSC 09 OPDL Girls, have many upcoming games which accumulated success in could result in a charity shield. This is the league championship, which is typically deemed to be the best team in Ontario, for this given age group. OPDL on the other hand, is the funnel grassroots program that is an acronym for “Ontario Provincial Development League '' . This is the highest level of youth competitive soccer in the province which is best described as a developmental pool for players to represent our province, and eventually our national team. From the OPDL league, top players are selected to be a part of their province's NDC program, which is a “national development center” and top tier program for youth soccer development.


As of Week 16 of the OPDL season, 2 of the WSC players are ranked amongst the top 10 in the province for goal scoring. In a total of 11 matches played, Sabrina Morra is 8th in the league with 11 goals, and Leila Iannizzi is tied for 10th place with 9. The two players have done a tremendous job with assisting the team’s offensive presence and it has been a pleasure to witness their growth this season! It should be noted, the two goalkeepers, Joelle Loquinario and Milena Rea are tied for 4th in the league with a cumulative of 4 clean sheets. The two have done an amazing job in ensuring out of 21 teams, WSC has the least goals against conceding only 10 goals giving the team an outstanding 0.9 GA percentage! We are excited to see what the end of the season will look like for not only these 4 superstars, but the entire team! 

Sport Stadium

Upcoming Events

Thanks to GenZ, WSC 09 OPDL Girls will be setting to take off and attend the Disney Wild World of Sports Showcase in January 2024. Listed as one of the top showcasing events in the United States, their attendance allows for exposure which assists with goals of playing soccer at the next level, whatever that may look like on a person to person basis! There is a list of many NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and other division coaches, seeking the best talent to represent their institution in the upcoming years. Bringing forward a list of opportunities to receive a top tier education, play collegiate sports as well as receive academic and athletic financial aid.


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