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Mike Bu
True Privacy - Hasstle Free

The Cluo client application is great! I can browse on any website I want and don't have to worry about my history or anyone finding out what I'm up to. I love the anonymity and how easy it is to use!

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Great way to research products online without be hassled by the vendor!

This is so secured! I tried so many websites and nothing is on my computer! There is history on Mazzzing but not on my computer, so weird but good!

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Privacy at it's finest

Some choppiness with videos, but wow! No history! I feel safe! It took 5 minutes to setup and receive emails.


The chrome plugin works pretty good and clean.

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The Mazzzing Team
Welcome to Mazzzing!

Welcome to Mazzzing, as we are excited to provide the only truly private dekstop!

Safe and secured, there is no chance of your device getting a virus or your data on your device getting hacked.

Enjoy your experience.

The Mazzzing Team!

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