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Your Privacy for Capitalization

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The morning coffee is not so private!
The morning coffee is not so private!

To understand Mazzzing, we must first understand how your computer connects to the internet and what it leaves behind. The part that becomes complex is, what is really happening behind the scenes, hence, we will start from the basics in this post.

So you bought a computer and brought it home. This computer, laptop, tablet or any other smart device runs software. In today's world of analytics, data, behaviour, history and even time spent on your device is recorded for the use of capitalization or simply put, making money!

From the instance you connect to the internet, the world is making money on your connection. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), is tracking and recording, using this data to make money. Every time you visit a website or save a file to your cloud storage, this data is recorded.

You can try to hide by using other programs like VPN and security apps that clears your history, but that cable or ISP to your house, office or any other location knows its you. As you use your computer and sign in to your online account, email account (which is an account stored in the cloud, the operating system, your computer, is sending data to at least one of the big 4!

It all starts from your computer and the only way to stop this is to use another computer that is not yours, that never knows who you are. This magical computer will clear itself to be ignorant, every time you long off.

We will continue to explore in more detail VPN, Online Computing and other topics in the upcoming posts, so subscribe or check often.

We are all connected!
We are all connected!

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